A BRAND is so much more than a logo.

A brand is about the big idea and the total experience of your customer. The Design Factory work with a diverse range of clients and have the experience and know-how to help you define the brand experience you want to create. Whilst we are renowned for our design services, it is our effort into understanding the “big idea” of your venture that leads to success. By drilling down to the core values of your idea, we can create a style guide and visual language that will inform all parts of the business, from architecture through to web-development. A bespoke and totally unified aesthetic for your concept. Refining your creative is one of the first and most important stages for your business, and we are grateful for the opportunity and success we have enjoyed with our clients over a 25 year period.

The best is yet to come! We are an ever evolving practice focused on delivering the absolute leading edge in international design. Our clients range from musicians and artists such as The Hives through to small bars, retailers, corporate giants and even the Military with experience in complete identity design for sectors of the Australian Special Forces.

Each client offers a unique set of values and challenges. Our experience across an array of sectors has given us great insight into many of the specific brand and design challenges that face a modern business. Great design and powerful creative are an essential element to the big picture of a Brand. The Frichot Design Factory is a boutique design and creative service that provide an edge beyond the capabilities of generic marketing or strategy companies.